zGames – Game Development Company

zGames – Game Development Company

The video game industry in the USA and other major areas such as Europe and UK is a

multi-billion dollar industry.That is for the reason that a number of people

love games for various reasons. Of course one major reason why people love

video games is that of their

entertainment value. Apart from that major reason, there are also other

benefits which include improving your cognitive ability, enhancing multitasking

skills, and improving attention and concentration.

Apart from the benefits aforementioned of video games, they are also a great source of revenues

for people who own them and sell to video game players. There are two ways

through which you can own a game. You can either make your own games or acquire

the services of a ios game development company.

Creation of video games is no child’s play, requires advanced technical skills in animation,

programming, software design and computer graphics among other crucial skills. For

that reason, not too many people are able to make their own video games. That

leaves you with the second option, contracting the services of a video game

development company.And that is where we come in as zGames Company.

First of all, there are a number of video game companies that are developing and publishing

games in the United States alone apart from other companies found in other

regions. For that reason, the industry is a highly competitive one. But even

with the competitive nature of the industry, we have been able to stay ahead of

many other developers because of a number of reasons.

zGames – video game development company was founded in 2008 and has witnessed meteoric rise over

the years, because we employ a creative and professional team with several

years of experience.We are experienced in Server side development, Unity

programming, and multiplat form game development.Our creative team consists of

Sound Engineers, Game Designers, 3D Modelers, 2D artists and Quality Assurance


What’s more, we provide a number of services including game design document development, educational

game development and game art design services apart from other services.

Additionally, we deliver high quality work and our customers trust in our work and for that

reason there are a number of video game we have produced. There are Me-games,

Lucky Swipe, Dungeon Kings,EON Break, 21 Monsters and Fright Fight among other

video games.We have produced video games for some of the top game producers and

publishers in Europe and USA.

Even with that level of success, the hunger and drive to continually produce technologically

advanced and more exciting games are still intact.

Moreover, we are conveniently within the reach of many of our potential clients. We have our

offices in Houston, Texas and in Europe.Because of the convenience factor, we

are able to connect with our clients from UK,North America,Europe and also


And also more significantly, our team is highly specialized and flexible and we are able to deliver

virtually any gaming genre on a number of platforms when contracted.I mean casual games, educational apps, and augmented reality for both mobile and custom devices.

In conclusion, it is important to stress that we offer the full cycle gaming services. That is

from art concepts,prototype,post-release support and building of communities around

the new video games before they are able to be availed in the store.The success

or the failure of the video game will depend on how large or small the

community is and we deliver on that front too.