The term “guru” has taken on a new meaning when it comes to Internet Marketing. To become a online money making guru you will have to first be able to show a bit of success for your self. No one wants to listen to or follow someone who can talk the talk but not walk the walk. A “Guru” is a leader, teacher and advisor, if you have not traveled the path the information you are giving becomes suspect at best. To be able to honestly say, to a fellow entrepreneur that, ” I have been where you are and here is how I got past that,” you have to have something in your arsenal to back that statement up.

Actually, today becoming a “Guru” has become a very easy thing to accomplish. All you have to do is follow the steps below

# Begin your own Internet Business

# Make it a success

# Decide you want to give something back to the online community (for a fee)

# Share what you have learned with others

# Develop a real thick skin (you will be criticized if not even vilified by some)

The fist step may involve finding a “guru” of your own. A good mentor who has been successful for more than a “hot minute” to guide you on your journey. Learn from them and then pass on all you have learned.

This is where the criticizing will get rough, because there are a few scam artist setting them selves up as “Guru” of online money making. They get a little knowledge and try to skip straight to the good part. This is not how it is done. And this is why becoming an online money making “guru” has gotten a bad reputation. You can find those who have honestly made a successful life style happen by making money online.

Do not let the fact that these guys charge a fee for their hard won knowledge discourage you. It is often the case that a person will work harder at making money online if they have made an investment. The reality is that not many people place much stock in what comes to easily. The prevailing thought is that if it’s free it cannot be all that good. Only by investing in the process will you be moved to take the actions required.

Once you have reached a point that you no longer require the advice of your “guru”, you are ready to begin your term as an online money making guru. Do not be dismayed if you get some that are against you. This will happen (not might, but definitely will) because you will get that guy/gal who signs up and unless you call them to get them out of bed in the mornings they will not put forth any effort to get the benefits of what they paid for. These individuals will lay the fault for the failure squarely on your shoulders. But do not let that stop you from doing what you know how to do.

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